The 1st Two Weeks of Au Pair Arrival


What do the host family and au pair do the 1st two weeks of her arrival?  As your LCC, I will be coming to visit you very shortly after you arrive. I am sure you will have many questions – don’t worry – everyone is new at one point and I will share some information with you. The “steps” below are just to get you thinking about what is needed in your first two weeks.  I will be giving you and your Host Family the information you need for most of these “steps”. I will look forward to meeting you!

Follow the steps below to insure a smooth transition:

Au Pairs: You’ve just arrived at your host family’s home from au pair school.  You are probably tired and nervous!  You are in a new country, with new food and so much to adjust to.  Take time to get to know your host family and children. You will learn the routine in time – so don’t worry if you don’t learn everything in the first week! If you have questions – ask your host family! Or if your English isn’t good, ask that your host family to write things down or email them to you!

1. Get a Social Security Card.  You must wait at least ten (10) days after you arrive in the U.S. before applying for the social security card.

What do you bring to Social Security?  You should take the following documents:

    1. Completed SS-5 form (Downloaded from Social Security Website)
    2. Passport
    3. I-94 (should be stapled inside VISA or to be downloaded from AP extranet acct)
    4. DS-2019
    5. Social Security Letter (available from family extranet)
    6. Letter of Program Participation (sent to host family prior to Au Pair’s arrival- and available from au pair’ extranet)
    7. If passport is less than 1 year old, THEN… Picture ID with DOB… This ID MUST be more than 1 year old.

    You can use Cultural Care Au Pair’s Tax ID # for your tax purposes rather than the au pair’s SS#. To request this info, call the Boston office @ 1-800-333-6056.

2.  Open a Bank Account. It is helpful for the Au Pair to have her own bank account. Open one at your bank of choice. Many have free checking accounts. The Au Pair weekly stipend is $195.75 per week. Many families use an automatic deposit into the Au Pair’s account as a form of payment.  Check to see if the bank requires a Social Security Card to open an account.

3.  Do you need a Ohio Drivers License? Au pairs from Germany and France do not need to get a state drivers license here in Ohio, however,  I strongly recommend that all au pairs get a OH drivers license. You will need it to use credit or debit cards here in the U.S. It will also provide possible discounts for your host families insurance. If you need to get a drivers license:

    • I refer au pairs to read the OHIO Rules of the Road book before he/she arrives to the US (the on-line version of this book is:  It is also on my website at under helpful links.
    • To obtain a driver’s license, bring the following documents plus the au pair’s international driver’s license and possibly home country license to the BMV:
    • Passport (J-1 visa stamped on it)
    • I-94
    • DS-2019
    • Au pair’s international and/or home country driver’s license
    • Au Pairs can take the written portion of the test on the. While the state of Ohio allows international driver’s license, many local municipalities do not always know or remember this. It is better for your au pair to get an Ohio driver’s license. The state will issue a Non-Renewable/Non-Transferable Driver’s License or a temporary license if the au pair does not have an international license.
    • Add the Au Pair to your auto insurance policy. (Some companies will give lower rates if the au pair has a state license).
    • Prepare yourself and your Au Pair for the worst case as a driver. Consider putting a disposable camera in your glove compartment along with a step by step list of what to do in case of an emergency or accident.
  • Locations of Bureau of Motor Vehicle driver license stations:
  • Greene County- Agency# 2918, 601 Ledbetter Road,Xenia, OH 45385  (937) 372-4282. Call for hours of operation.
  • Greene County – Agency# 2902, 221 Meadow Bridge Drive, Suite B, Beavercreek, OH 45434             (937) 426-8205.  Call for hours of operation.
  • Montgomery County – Agency# 5772, 104 West Spring Valley Road, Centerville, OH 45458,           (937) 435-5970. Call for hours of operation.
  • Montgomery County – Agency# 5740, 1162 East Central Avenue,  West Carrollton, OH 45449        (937) 866-9511.  Call for hours of operation.
  • Clark County – Agency #1213, 1221 Sunset Avenue, Springfield (East), OH 45505  (937) 328-5166        Call for hours of operation.
  • Clark County – Agency# 1215, 1109 North Bechtle Avenue, Springfield (West), OH 45504
    (937) 325-1821  Call for hours of operation.

4).  Au Pair:  Make Friends. Your Friends and your Host Family (and hopefully – me – your LCC) – will be here to help make your year the best! I will email you a list of au pairs in the area. Reach out and call or email some au pairs to go out for coffee or a movie. If they are new – they also don’t know anyone – and if they aren’t new, then they remember what it was like not to know anyone – and maybe their friends have just gone home after their year. I will also be asking Au Pairs to call you and be your “buddy”.

5. Au Pairs should start looking at classes to take.  Most schools start classes in September and January, but there are some classes you can start taking in April or over the summer. Take a look at the links on the right side of this web page for educational opportunities. Keep in mind that the school you are attending must be accredited, but the class does not have to give you credits for it. 12 hours of class time is 1 credit, which means you need a minimum of 72 hours class time. In order to fulfill your Education Requirement, you will need 72 Hours or 6 Credits. Non credit ESL classes are FREE and are noted in the Educational Component links on right side of this web page.   “Credit” Classes at the local colleges are expensive because the schools consider Au Pairs “out of country” .  International credit rates will apply.  Please visit the help link on the CCAP website in your host family or au pair account at:

6.  Au Pair Monthly Meetings Are Mandatory (and fun). So put the meetings on your calendar (and your Host Family’s Calendar) and plan for rides and/or directions!



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